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All Benefits


Cleverly combined! ISEC.


High-performance flexibility – ISEC evo adapts ideally to your scrap logistics.

  • Efficient processing of many different plastic types and forms
  • Discontinuous feeding of a wide variety of material forms no problem
  • Multitude of feeding systems possible – according to your requirements

Economic benefits

  • Saves labour and time – the system “looks after itself”
  • Negligible energy costs
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Minimum wear part costs
  • Fastest ROI

High recycled pellet quality ensures top return-to-production rates

  • Minor optical change and low thermal stress
  • Minimum change to the polymer
  • Largest possible amount of recycled pellets can be returned to the production process

Safety in focus

  • High-grade components
  • Top machine safety standard • Low noise emission
  • Integrated service modem
  • Service hotline