What distinguishes recycling technologies

Not all recycling technologies are the same. Although, they do have the same objective: using plastic as a valuable raw material and keeping it in circulation (= circular economy).

The EREMA Group has set itself the goal of driving forward the circular economy to give products made of plastic a second chance. The group of companies offers holistic solutions in plastics recycling. Together,

  • EREMA,
  • UMAC,
  • 3C,
  • KEYCYCLE and

are a strong fusion for a more sustainable future.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a recycling technology. Different processes are used depending on the origin (inhouse, post-industrial or post-consumer) as well as inhouse logistics, geometry and contamination of the material.

In this blog article, we explore the factors that influence the choice of recycling technology. We will be taking a closer look at the shredder-extruder combination from PURE LOOP, preconditioning unit-extruder combination from EREMA and direct extrusion from PLASMAC.

Production scrap is transformed into plastic regranulate due to recycling technologies

The PURE LOOP recycling technology - the shredder-extruder combination

The IISEC evo plastics recycling machine from PURE LOOP is a combination of shredder and extruder. The high-performance plant gently converts production waste into recycled pellets.

The ISEC evo’s special technology means it can process a wide range of materials. It processes

  • clean
  • heavy
  • light
  • high volume and
  • highly tear-resistant, industrial and post-industrial plastics with a moisture content of up to 4%.

What is so special is the combination of a single-shaft shredder, the patented double feed ram system and the conical transition to the extruder.

How the plastic recycling machine from PURE LOOP works:

The single-shaft shredder reduces the size of the material. The patented double feed ram system ensures controlled and uniform filling of the extruder. The conical transition from the single-shaft shredder directly to the extruder compacts the shredded plastic particles, reduces oxygen and then plasticizes the material.

The efficient and controlled path of the plastics into the extruder ensures gentle processing. That is how the high quality of the recycled pellets is achieved.

Graphic representation of the functionality of recycling technologies

The EREMA recycling technology - the PreConditioning Unit (PCU)

The INTAREMA plastics recycling machines from EREMA ensure the maximum quantity of recycled pellets per hour in continuously high quality. This is made possible by the technological heart of this recycling technology - the PreConditioning Unit.

INTAREMA equipment processes different materials and shapes:

  • clean materials,
  • ontaminated industrial and post-consumer materials with high levels of contamination (containing other plastics, paper, wood, small pieces of metal),
  • materials with a moisture content of up to 12%

The special feature is the patented CounterCurrent technology. The plastic material in the PCU moves against the direction of the extruder screw. As a result the extruder handles more material in a shorter time. Likewise, the improved material feed ensures that it can be processed at high throughput even at low temperatures.

How EREMA technology works

The patented PreConditioning Unit shreds, mixes, heats, dries, precompacts and buffers the materials. This enables continuous filling of the extruder which is connected at a tangent. This innovative process guarantees optimized feed performance and high process stability of the recycling technology.

Graphic representation of the process of recycling technologies

A PLASMAC recycling technology: direct extrusion

The ALPHA recycling machine from PLASMAC is an air-cooled extruder with direct material feed - also known as direct extrusion. PLASMAC has this in its product range under the name Short-Screw Technology (SST). This recycling technology is based on a screw with two different diameters and an L/D ratio of 8:1. The PLASMAC recycling machine processes clean plastic production waste. This includes film edge trim, for example.

How the ALPHA from PLASMAC works:

In PLASMAC's recycling technology, the material is fed directly into the screw. That is why the process is particularly suitable for materials that can be fed in directly - such as edge trim. No additional shredding happens in the process either, causing little to no dust. This supports the production of high quality pellets with a low proportion of flaws during subsequent film production.

Short-screw technology requires only a low melt temperature. This ensures material degradation is kept to an absolute minimum

Feeding of the material in the PLASMAC with the recycling technologie


Suitable recycling technology needs to be chosen to promote a circular economy. But the choice depends on various factors. Here is an overview:

Technology Integrated shredder-extruder combination Patented PreConditioning Unit with tangentially arranged extruder screw Direct extrusion
Special feature Combination of single-shaft shredder, patented double feed ram system and conical transition to the extruder PCU with CounterCurrent technology: The material in the PCU rotates in the opposite direction to the extruder Short-screw technology, for materials that are suitable for direct feeding - without additional pre-shredding
Materials Clean production waste with a moisture content of up to 4 % Clean production and industrial waste as well as contaminated post-consumer materials with high contamination levels and a moisture content of up to 12% clean production waste
Recycled pellets spherical, lenticular, cylindrical spherical, lenticular, cylindrical lenticular