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Customers from around the world report on PURE LOOP products and technologies

Bringing process waste recycling in-house synthetic turf

For its Fibres and Fabrics production facility in the Netherlands, recently TenCate Grass has put a shredder-extruder recycling machine, supplied by PURE LOOP, fully into operation...

Efficient recycling of injection mouldings

The shredder-extruder technology ISEC evo supports the plastics processor Arexim in Bulgaria in achieving their goal of a waste-free production cycle.

High flexibility in film recycling with ISEC

Axel Rivera, CEO of Foam Industrial: "More flexibility, more output, less power consumption and more efficiency. That's what I found in PURE LOOP. I am so happy!"

Pens made from recycled plastic

For more than 160 years, STABILO International has been producing billions of writing instruments used by people all over the world.

Recycling of PP nonwovens: High-strength geosynthetics now made with a recycled content of 10 percent

Inhouse recycling is nothing new, but it is worth taking a closer look when it comes to the complex recycling of high-strength PP nonwovens for civil engineering. The shredder-extruder combination from PURE LOOP produces such high quality ...

Use of regranulate from thermoplastic sheet offcuts in injection moulding

Thermoplastic composites are paving the way for lightweight automotive design into the circular economy...