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Plastic Shredder Technology


The ISEC evo recycling machine features impressive plastic shredder technology that is unique. What is so special is the combination of a single-shaft shredder, the patented double feed ram system and the conical transition to the extruder. Gentle processing is ensured thanks to the efficient and controlled path of the plastics into the extruder. That is how the high quality of the recycled pellets is achieved.

Your benefits

High flexibility

Efficient processing of different materials

Lower energy requirement


What Makes PURE LOOP Technology Stand Out?

The difference between PURE LOOP technology and others is the way the material enters the extruder.

The plastic shredder reduces the size of the feed material.
The active rotor cooling of the knife ensures that the plastic is fed into the extruder with the lowest possible thermal load. As a result, the ISEC evo ensures consistent process stability.

The long, conically designed conveyor screw compresses the material. This causes oxygen to be emitted backwards and perfectly preheats the material. The oxidative load is reduced, resulting in noticeably gentler processing.


ISEC evo enables semi-continuous feeding


Due to the special type of processing, it is possible to feed the plant semi-continuously. In addition, different shapes of material can be fed in directly one after the other. This is because the plastic shredder intake can be adjusted to the bulk weight of different materials. This ensures the high flexibility of the material all-rounder.


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The Plastic Shredder: Single Shaft Shredder, Double Feed Ram System, Conical Transition

Single Shaft Shredder

The single shaft shredder reduces the size of the material fed into the system. The shredded plastic then passes to the patented double feed ram system.

Visualization of a part of the plastic shredder technology: The single shaft shredder shreds materials.
Visualization of a part of the plastic shredder technology: The double pusher system conveys the materials further.

Double Feed Ram System

The double feed ram system conveys the plastic from the single shaft shredder through the conical transition and into the extruder. This means that materials with different bulk densities can be fed in at regular intervals and the extruder is filled continuously and uniformly. The intake angle at the rotor is adjusted according to the type of material and its properties. This enables the processing of heavy, free-flowing and self-feeding materials. The plant also processes lightweight, bulky as well as highly tear-resistant plastics such as fibers and tapes.

Conical Transition

The conical transition from the plastic shredder to the extruder is the heart of the machine. This component ensures that the material is compacted. During this process, oxygen is reduced to guarantee gentle processing.

Visualization of a part of the plastic shredder technology: The conical transition guides the materials into the extruder.



By applying the special technology of the ISEC evo plastic shredder extruder solution, different types and shapes of material can be recycled. The recycling machine processes heavy, free-flowing, self-feeding, light, bulky and highly tear-resistant plastics.



More information about the plastics that ISEC evo can process is available here.

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