Textile recycling machine ISEC evo Fibre Pro_IV

ISEC evo FibrePro:IV – The Textile Recycling Machine

PET fiber-to-fiber recycling with added flexibility

The ISEC evo is now even better. Using the latest technology, the recycling machine is able to recycle fibers and textiles.

The improved technology makes it possible to repelletize production waste of fibers and fabrics. The integrated shredder-extruder combination gently converts your materials into recycled plastic pellets.

Your benefits

material all-rounder

fiber-to-fiber recycling

energy efficient

Perfectly interwoven: Proven textile recycling machine with advanced technology

The ISEC evo FibrePro:IV carefully prepares the material to deliver high-quality recycled pellets. The textile recycling machine consists of

  • proven technology - featuring a single-shaft shredder, the patented double-feed ram system and the conical transition to the extruder,
  • and the new IV Uptimiser.

The formula, which is custom made for the fiber and textile industry, efficiently cleans the fibers from additives such as spinning oils. It also optimizes and increases intrinsic viscosity (IV value) to the required level during the melt phase.

As a result, the quality of the recycled pellets is boosted to such an extent that they can be fed back into high-quality fiber applications in the textile industry. Ultimately, the textile recycling machine enables fiber-to-fiber recycling.

The recycling machine is available in sizes for outputs of 450, 900 and 1,350 kg/h.


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Integrated shredder-extruder combination plus IV Uptimiser

The ISEC evo (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination evolution) including the IV Uptimiser is a unique textile recycling machine. The special technology delivers higher throughput and is more cost-efficient. The patented double-feed ram system allows maximum flexibility with low energy consumption.

How the ISEC evo FibrePro:IV works

The textile recycling machine processes fiber waste from production processes without prior shredding. The machine is equipped with high-performance knives that are specifically designed for shredding textiles. Downstream from the shredder, the material is fed into the extruder at a controlled rate, where it is then filtered.

Following the extrusion process, the IV Uptimiser adapts the melt to the specifications of the fiber industry. The intrinsic viscosity is raised to the required level using a polycondensation process. The recycled pellets can then be used to make ultra fine fibers.


The entire textile recycling machine ISEC evo FibrePro:IV
iFeed technologie

Material all-rounder

Regardless of whether PET continuous fibers, fabrics or clumps: With the textile recycling machine ISEC evo FibrePro:IV you get maximum flexibility. This is made possible by the unique combination of the double-feed ram system and the single-shaft shredder.

Learn more about proven PURE LOOP technology here.

Single-shaft shredder of the textile recycling machine
IV-Uptimiser, the textile recycling machine
iv - uptimiser

Good recovery performance and repolymerization

Thanks to the IV Uptimiser, it is possible to raise the IV value by up to 0.2 dl/g. This technology is perfect for processing material with medium levels of contamination (spin finish and additives) and medium levels of moisture.

iSave technologie

Energy saving & cost efficient

The all-in-one technology concept of the textile recycling machine saves electricity. As a result, you can reduce your production costs.

Section of the textile recycling machine: processed material is cut into regranulate with knives

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The ISEC evo is an all-rounder that efficiently processes many different types of plastic and shapes of feed material - from heavy and compact to light and bulky.

LDPE Stretch LDPE Stretch
Pipes Pipes
PE start-up lumps PE start-up lumps
PP edge trim PP edge trim
Raffia and Big Bags Raffia and Big Bags
PP filaments PP filaments
Lumps Lumps
Ropes/cables Ropes/cables
Fiber bales, endless tapes Fiber bales, endless tapes
PE Briquettes PE Briquettes
PE artificial grass, production waste PE artificial grass, production waste

Test the textile recycling machine

Test the pelletizing system at our state-of-the-art test center in Austria. Try out our PET fiber recycling machines and technologies by performing trial runs with your own test material. We offer:

  • Basic tests: 1 ton of PET fiber material
  • Full-loop tests: from 3 tons of PET fiber material
  • Output rate: 350 kg/h

The tests are carried out under realistic production conditions. The results can then be used to optimize the configuration of your machine - matched precisely to your specific application.

Get more information and real support from our team of experienced engineers. Book an appointment now.

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Fibre Recycling Centre in Austria for Customers

Would you like to test the textile recycling machine using your own materials?

Visit one of our test centers.

Axel Rivera in front of the plastic recycling machine ISEC evo

„Our ISEC evo machine is a material all-rounder for inhouse recycling that is particularly adept at processing fibers and textiles and has already been used for this application many times over. PE, PP, PA and PET in fiber bales, ropes, filaments, textiles and nonwovens can be recycled using this shredder-extruder combination.”

- Manfred Dobersberger, Managing Director



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