Test our Plastic Granulator Machine

Trial Centers in Austria and the USA

Would you like to see the PURE LOOP ISEC evo plastic granulator machine in action? At our trial centers, you can try our plastic granulator machine using your own test material. The tests are carried out in realistic production conditions. This provides results that enable the plant to be optimized to your individual configuration. Customized precisely and in detail to your specific application.

Visit one of our modern trial centers in Austria or the USA.

Illustration of the map of Austria with marker near Ansfelden

Trial Center Austria

At our 1200 m2 Customer Center in Ansfelden, Austria, you can test our plastic granulator machine ISEC evo. Our team of experienced technicians will support you during the trial and provide you with detailed information about our system.

Fibre test centre with plant to test customers' materials

In the fibre test centre a cross-company team of EREMA Group, which we are part of, is working on recycling solutions for fibre-to-fibre applications. The centre also operates a fully equipped and variable industrial-scale recycling plant. It includes the peripheral technology required for fibre materials and is available for trials using customers' material streams.

Would you like to try the PURE LOOP plastic granulator machine?

Our Customer Center is ready for you. Arrange an appointment now.

Figure showing USA with a marker near Ispwich, MA

Trial Center USA

Opened in April 2021, you can also test our plastic granulator machine in Ipswich, MA, in the USA. Here, there is a brand new ISEC evo for running trials and demonstrations.



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