Another life for plastic. Because we care.

We give plastic a new life. Cycle by cycle: another life. Because as the EREMA Group we change perspectives. From refuse to reuse. From waste to value. From trash to treasure. Plastic "waste" is a resource that can be used to create new value. Again and again.

This idea has inspired us from the beginning and is deeply rooted in our DNA. That is why we develop technologies, manufacture parts, build recycling machines, create services and network with people who think the same way. To conserve resources, close loops and drive forward the circular economy as a whole. Because we care.

Strength through diversity. And a shared vision.

PURE LOOP, EREMA, 3S, KEYCYCLE, PLASMAC, UMAC, PLASTICPRENEUR and the Business Unit POWERFIL – the EREMA Group consists of strong companies. Together we have a lot planned. Our vision: In 2030 the circular economy for plastics is reality. As the EREMA Group, we will strive to be the central force in achieving this goal. We focus on this work every day. With our experience, passion and curiosity for finding new ways.

The Companies in the EREMA Group

7 companies - 1 objective: A custom designed solution that impresses our customers. Regardless of which aspect of plastics recycling they are interested in, customers benefit from the expertise and customized solutions offered by the companies in the EREMA Group.

The logos of the 8 companies of the EREMA Group around the logo of the EREMA Group.

PURE LOOP within the EREMA Group

Within the EREMA Group, PURE LOOP stands for:

  • highly efficient recycling of clean production waste using shredder-extruder technology.
  • Solutions which adapt perfectly and specifically to your scrap logistics.

This ensures that you can return the largest possible quantity of recycled pellets to your production cycle.

PURE LOOP customers benefit from the decades of experience, technological know-how, stability and innovative strength of the whole EREMA Group.



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