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Material all-rounder

Cost and energy efficient

ISEC evo pelletizing machine

ISEC evo Pelletizing Machine

The ISEC evo (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination, evolution) is a unique pelletizing machine. The machine is powerful, easy to operate, cost-efficient and delivers more throughput.


Single-shaft shredder of the pelletizing machine


The pelletizing machine technology is different from others. What is special is the way the material enters the extruder.





Einwellenzerkleinerer der Regranulieranlage ISEC evo


The ISEC evo is a true material all-rounder. The shredder/extruder plant processes a wide variety of plastics.


Pure Loop employees at the pelletizing machine


Because PURE LOOP is a subsidiary of the EREMA Group, as a customer you benefit from EREMA service. A competent EREMA team of experienced customer service employees is ready to assist you.





Map of USA and Austria with marker at Ispwich, MA and Ansfelden

Trial Center USA & Austria

Test our pelletizing machine in one of our trial centers in Austria and the USA. Our experienced technicians will support and advise you during the test run. You can find more information about our test centers here.

to the test center


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Why You Should Choose The PURE LOOP Pelletizing Machine


PURE LOOP, a subsidiary of EREMA Group GmbH, is specialized in highly efficient recycling of production scrap. Due to decades of experience in plastics recycling and our extensive technological know-how, we are your optimal partner.

With the ISEC evo pelletizing machine, you can efficiently process a wide variety of materials to produce high-quality recycled pellets. The powerful machine is easy to operate and delivers more throughput.

With the integrated shredder/extruder combination, you transform your production scrap into recycled pellets. The special technology ensures high flexibility and makes the plastic recycling plant a material all-rounder.

We provide you with advice and support on everything to do with your pelletizing machine. From testing the machine at one of our two test centers to commissioning your own plant and any maintenance work required. We are at your side.


Axel Rivera in front of the pelletizing machine

"More flexibility, more output, less power consumption and more efficiency. That's what I found in PURE LOOP. I am so happy."

- Axel Rivera | CEO Foam Industrial

"This recycling machine has met with a high level of acceptance among our employees right from the start. We were impressed by PURE LOOP's flexibility, design, solid workmanship and excellent project management."

- Christian Nimmrichter | Stabilo Weissenburg, Deutschland
Arexim Logo

"We produce plastic parts with a glass fibre content of up to 50 percent, which place extreme demands on the wear parts of the recycling machine due to their abrasive effect. The system must therefore be particularly robust and the treatment temperature as low as possible, what in the future might help us to run materials with flame retardents without difficulties."

- Kiril Asenov | CEO Arexim

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Axel Rivera, CEO of Foam Industrial: "More flexibility, more output, less power consumption and more efficiency. That's what I found in PURE LOOP. I am so happy!"

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