K 2019: EREMA Group presents

At K 2019, the EREMA Group will be showcasing its full range of products and services for the plastics recycling process more comprehensively than ever before. For the first time, a total of seven companies and business units - EREMA, POWERFIL, KEYCYCLE, PURE LOOP, 3S, UMAC and PLASMAC - will be representing the EREMA Group at the trade fair.
Even though they have a relatively brief company history, EREMA has developed from a pioneering company to an innovation and world market leader in plastics recycling systems. "Today, we offer our customers technologies and components as well as consulting, service, engineering and planning services and, of course, the expertise and dedication of our employees. All of these are success factors contributing to the performance of our customers, which is why the EREMA Group appears at K this year under the motto "Seeds for your performance", explains Manfred Hackl, CEO of the EREMA Group.

Technological highlights

EREMA is sure that the latest recycling systems presented at K will also be successful. The VACUNITE bottle-to-bottle technology, introduced to the market as a world-first, will be headlining the show. It is a combination of the proven VACUREMA® process with newly patented, vacuum-assisted solid state polycondensation (SSP) by Polymetrix for the production of food-grade rPET pellets. In the in-house and industrial sectors, the new INTAREMA® ZeroWastePro system is a compact solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of recycling production waste. The optimised design of the machine makes integration into the existing process chain even easier and enables significantly shorter delivery times for customers. PURE LOOP, an EREMA Group subsidiary in the shredder-extruder technology segment, will be displaying the new ISEC evo series as a supplement to its existing product range. In future, this will enable output rates of more than 1,500 kg/h to be achieved for the first time. And in post-consumer applications, the focus is on an increasingly diverse range of applications for high-quality recycled materials using contaminated plastic waste that can be processed using innovative EREMA recycling technology. The most recent example of this is the shower gel bottles of a well-known brand manufacturer that for the first time are made from 100 percent HDPE post-consumer recycled material from Austria's yellow recycling sacks - a world first in the cosmetics sector.

BluPort - New IoT platform for customers

EREMA will also be demonstrating its pioneering role in relation to industry 4.0 applications. BluPort, a newly developed customer portal, brings together decision-relevant information and service offers for customers in a clear and user-friendly way. "The networking of virtual data levels with real process sequences will create new solutions for plant operation and new smart service offerings in the future. With a focus on data security and customer benefits, BluPort will be an exciting platform for new applications, which will enable our customers to make the most of the diverse potential that digitalization already offers and will continue to offer in the future," explains Manfred Hackl.

Circular economy - live at the Circonomic Centre

The EREMA Circonomic Centre will be an absolute highlight for visitors to the outdoor area. "Circonomic is a word we created from circular and economy to express what we as the EREMA Group want to achieve, namely the integration of recycling know-how into the plastics value chain, so that our industry, the environment and society as a whole, can gain ecological and economic benefits from it", is how Manfred Hackl describes the objective of the presentations at the Circonomic Centre. How this is possible will be explained to visitors live, directly on site using outstanding cooperation projects as an example. "We make it possible for trade fair visitors to experience the circular economy in the truest sense of the word," notes Marketing Manager Gerold Breuer.

EREMA recycles trade fair waste

For this purpose, injection moulding and film waste collected during the trade fair will be recycled and processed on site. In cooperation with raw material manufacturers, processors, branded goods companies and recyclers, EREMA will also present a number of other lighthouse projects that demonstrate the different starting materials and recycling technologies that have already been used to successfully produce recycled materials for the production of new, high-quality plastic products. "Products made of recyclate" is also the name of an exhibition that will be on display at the Circonomic Centre to provide an overview of the impressive range of products. These lighthouse projects are important for the industry but also in terms of consumer awareness. "Recycling must become a fixed link in the plastics chain. The players in the plastics industry can only achieve this together. The EREMA Group is the central force behind the realisation of the Circular Economy for plastics. We want to promote working together and at the same time demonstrate that we can provide the best possible recycling technologies for the requirements of the Circular Economy," says Manfred Hackl, summing up expectations for the K trade fair.