Collage of staple fibers and fabrics made of PET

Recycling PET fibers and fabrics

Today, fibers, fabrics, and textiles are being produced in ever-increasing numbers. In recent decades, fiber production, once 30 million tons, has risen substantially. 130 million tons are expected by 2025.

Of those 130 million tons, 107 million are man-made fibers, most of which are synthetic fibers. They are made up of

  • 60 million tons of PET fibers.
  • 15 million tons of a mixture of PP and PA fibers.

The production of fibers, PET fabrics, and textiles generates production and cutting waste. Disposing of these costs time and money. This can be avoided by recycling PET fibers and fabrics that are no longer required.

ISEC evo FibrePro:IV for gentle recycling of PET fibers

The ISEC evo FibrePro:IV is particularly suitable for the economical processing of PET fibers and fabrics. The recycling machine has been tailored to the requirements of the fiber industry.

With its unique technology, consisting of

  • a patented double feed ram system,
  • a single-shaft shredder, and
  • the conical transition to the extruder,

the ISEC evo is a true material all-rounder. Whether you recycle:

  • bulky textile products,
  • production waste, or
  • complete staple fibers

— thanks to the generously proportioned conveyor chamber and cutting space width, the machine effortlessly meets the requirements in every case.

The ISEC evo FibrePro:IV recycling PET fibers
IV-Uptimiser: the most important component in the ISEC evo FibrePro:IV

IV-Uptimiser — the heart of the ISEC evo FibrePro:IV

The IV-Uptimiser — the ISEC evo component required for PET fiber recycling— efficiently removes spin finish and additives from fibers. The intrinsic viscosity (IV) is then increased to the required level in the melt phase.

This process improves the quality of the regranulate so that it can be reused in high-quality fiber applications in the textile industry, making efficient fiber-to-fiber recycling a reality. The result: a sustainable and environmentally friendly cycle.

Benefits of recycling PET fibers and fabrics

saves costs and energy

flexible material all-rounder

enables fiber-to-fiber recycling

Would you like to know more about recycling PET fibers and fabrics?

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Fiber-to-fiber recycling with RadiciGroup, Sportstex, Shimano, Erdotex, and PURE LOOP

In collaboration with the companies Sportstex and RadiciGroup, PURE LOOP launched a development project for PET fiber recycling. Our task was to provide a suitable technology for the production of new textile fibers.

Our teams worked closely with the R&D departments at the two companies to run various tests and develop a recycled textile product with excellent technical properties. By refining the processes step by step, we were ultimately able to obtain a yarn consisting of 100% recycled textile waste.

Shimano then became the first company to brand a jersey from the collaboration.

The research project has demonstrated a new way of recycling — fiber-to-fiber recycling.

Find out more about the research project in our article.

First cycling jersey made from PET fiber-to-fiber recycling

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