PP nonwoven fabric before recycling

Recycling PP nonwoven fabric and geotextiles

The production of fibers, fabrics and textiles continues to grow steadily. In recent decades, fiber production has multiplied to 30 million tons. In 2025, 130 million tons are expected, 107 million tons of which are man-made fibers. These synthetic fibers have the following composition:

  • 60 million tons are PET fibers.
  • 15 million tons consist of PA and PP fibers such as PP nonwoven fabric.

The production of synthetic fibers, PP nonwovens and geotextiles, generates waste in the form of production scrap and cutting waste. Disposal of this waste involves considerable effort and expense. To counteract that geotextiles and PP nonwoven fabric that are no longer needed can be recycled.

Recycling PP nonwoven fabric gently with ISEC evo

The ISEC evo by PURE LOOP is particularly suitable for processing PP nonwoven fabric and geotextiles.

The recycling machine features

  • single-shaft shredder
  • patented double feed ram system and
  • a conical transition to the extruder

and is a true material all-rounder.

Due to its large feed chamber and chopping chamber width, the machine recycles PP nonwoven fabric and geotextiles in various shapes and sizes.

Einwellenzerkleinerer der Kunststoff Recycling Maschine

High-performance chopping knives

The ISEC evo recycling machine is equipped with high-performance cutting knives that are specifically designed to resist wear.

Advantages of recycling PP nonwoven fabric with a recycling machine

Higher refeeding quota

Saves costs and energy

High-quality end products

Would you like to learn more about recycling PP nonwoven fabric and geotextiles?

We would be pleased to help you free of charge and without obligation.

PP nonwoven fabric recycling: High-strength geotextiles now made with a recycled content of 10 percent

4 men standing next to an ISEC evo that recycles PP nonwoven fabric.

TenCate Geosynthetics has succeeded in producing highly tear-resistant PP nonwoven fabric with a recycled content of up to 10 percent for civil engineering applications. The PURE LOOP ISEC evo made this possible.

It revolutionizes the sustainable production of geosynthetics and supports another important step towards the circular economy.

Read the success story.

The potential of industrial fiber recycling

The demand for sustainable solutions to recycle fibers and textiles like PP nonwoven fabric continues to grow. At PURE LOOP we know how to meet this growing demand. Learn more in our blog article The potential of industrial fiber recycling.




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