Injection molded plastics before recycling

Recycling Injection Molded Plastics

Typical injection molded parts made of polypropylene include writing materials such as highlighters, but also automotive parts such as fittings, interior trim, and other components.

During the production of injection molded plastics, sprue often builds up in addition to scrap. It is essential that both of these materials are considered for recycling instead of disposal. Using the appropriate technology, they can be recycled and fed back into the injection molding process.

Recycling injection molded plastics with ISEC evo

The ISEC evo from PURE LOOP is particularly suited to repelletizing sprue and production scrap. The recycling machine is equipped with a melt filter, which also acts as a safety filter: the guaranteed fine level of filtration removes impurities, unlike grinding processes without a filter. This protects the downstream injection molding process.

Manufacturers who recycle injection molded plastics with PURE LOOP technology have refeeding quotas of up to 100 percent. Without compromising on quality.

The advantages become clear as soon as the materials are fed in – the ISEC evo is

  • extremely flexible
  • easy to operate and
  • proven to produce high-quality recycled pellets, which at the same time leads to a consistent high quality of the end product
The ISEC evo, with integrated shredder-extruder combination, in the

ISEC evo - "non-degassing" version

Injection-molded plastics are not hygroscopic and have less than 1% moisture. This means that the "non-degassed" version of the ISEC evo is suitable for processing these materials.

Advantages of recycling injection molded plastics with a recycling machine

high flexibility

easy to operate

higher quality end product

Recycling injection molded plastics: repelletizing vs. grinding

regranulate and grinds after recycling PP injection molded plastics

To date, producers typically recycle injection-molded plastics using a grinding process. However, this method is not ideal.

For one thing, it creates dust, which sticks when fed back into the injection molding machine, overheats and develops into soot particles. This results in surface blemishes on the injection molded parts - a reduction in quality that can be avoided if a suitable recycling process is used instead.

In our blog article Comparison of technologies: repelletizing vs. grinding, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the processing methods in more detail.

Would you like to find out more about recycling injection molded plastics?

We would be pleased to help you free of charge and without obligation.

Processing writing materials: easy to operate, flexible applications

Processing a wide range of writing materials can be a real challenge. Especially recycling injection molded plastics in different colors and shapes. However, this is no problem for the ISEC evo.

Due to the intelligent combination of the double feed ram system and the single shaft shredder, the recycling machine can process a wide range of input materials. From heavy materials with good pourability to lightweight high-volume plastics. This innovation ensures the extruder is filled continuously and uniformly.

In our article Pens made from recycled plastic you can find out more about recycling injection molded plastics.

Conveyor belt with injection molded plastics
Stabilo Stifte

„Since February 2019, we have been using the newly commissioned ISEC evo machine for recycling all our PP injection molding waste such as sprues and splatter. We use the recycled pellets to produce the black caps for all our STABILO BOSS luminous markers.”

- Christian Nimmrichter | Stabilo Weissenburg, Germany




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